This is a companion piece of technology to help Team 7 (Alvin, Kellie, and Jon) run an audio escape room! Created as a part of Transmedia Puzzle Design, a Fall 2020 course at UChicago.

[1] The Trashcan

[2] The Floor plan

[3] The notes inside Cat's Cradle

    [z] The Ice-9 note

    [x] The Chemical Combinator Notes (arrow keys to rotate model)

[4] The Chemical Combinator (with click and drag containers you can make pop up)

    [z] Red Green Opaque Opaque

    [x] Blue empty Opaque Opaque

    [c] Blue Purple Opaque Opaque

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AuthorsAlvf, kellielu
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how do you even mix the colors in the chemical combinator???

Ah! This is meant to be a companion applet for the DM when they're running the puzzle; not really doable solo. Remind me to post the doc later?

oh okay! Later when though? lol

Thank you for the reminder!!! Link to the images:

and link to the DM doc: